Abdel Rahmane Diop

Abdel Rahmane DIOP is currently working in the Office of Director General at the International Organization for Migration as Liaison and Policy Officer for the Secretariat of the UN Network on Migration. He covers the GCM Champion Countries initiative and the UN Network on Migration thematic working groups related to Bilateral Labour Migration Agreement and Migrants’ Access to services. Abdel Rahmane is a graduated of the Quebec Institute for Graduate Studies (HEI); University of Laval (Canada). Before joining IOM in 2013, he served at the United Nations Development Program and filled various research positions.

Among main topics of interest, he lead researches on development policies and migration, human trafficking, migration and development and China-Africa relationships. With almost a decade of experience in policy, multilateralism and project management, he worked at the national and international levels for government, international organizations and civil society (including academia) in developing and developed country contexts (e.g. Burkina Faso, Belgium and Canada).


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